Before You Buy A Microwave

Today most homes have a microwave; they are a quick and easy way to cook a variety of meals or a great appliance to aide traditional cooking. Here at Buy Microwaves we hope to help you find the microwave that is best suited to your needs and budget. Before you buy microwaves online there are some important pieces of information to consider.

1. What size microwave do you need?

Before you buy a microwave oven you should always measure the space that you have to store the microwave. Many kitchens have an inbuilt microwave cupboard but this does not always mean that every type of microwave will fit inside. Carefully measure your microwave storage area (width, depth and breadth) and then make sure the dimensions of your new microwave are appropriate.

Also consider the microwave’s capacity and internal dimensions as well, as this could effect what you can and can not cook.

2. What are your microwaving needs?

Microwaves do not just heat up food. They have many other functions such as reheating, convection oven cooking, steaming, defrosting and so on. Many microwaves now include bread toasters and grillers!

It is important to consider what you will be using the microwave for before you buy online. You might save a lot of money if you buy one top of the range microwave that performs many functions as opposed to several different kitchen appliances (steamer, microwave, oven, etc.).

3. Does it match your kitchen style?

Built In Microwave
A microwave with a trim kit can look seamless with your other appliances built into your kitchen
The style of your microwave is very important. It must match the kitchen perfectly, especially if you are purchasing the microwave to go into a new kitchen that has been built to increase the value of your property.

A stainless steel microwave would be excellent for a kitchen that has stainless steel appliances such as ovens and stove tops, or would add to an industrial look with stainless steel bench tops or splash backs.

4. Where will the microwave sit?

Will your microwave sit out on the bench top, will it sit on a shelf or will it be built in? This will have a big influence of the design of microwave you choose. For starters there are specific models that can be built in, like a conventional oven, for a seamless look in your kitchen. Plus if the microwave needs to fit into a specific area then you need to take extra care with the dimensions. If your microwave will sit out on the bench then you might want to make sure it looks good from the side as well as the front as it will be on display and visible from different angles.

Bench Top Microwave
Consider where your microwave will sit on your benchtop
Also consider safety when deciding where you will place your microwave. Will you have to lift up or down hot food, is there a danger of dropping or spilling hot liquids? Small children like pressing buttons and opening doors, so consider a microwave with a child lock feature if it will be within reach of small inquisitive hands.

5. What is your microwave budget?

Microwaves range in prices dramatically. At Buy Microwaves we have microwaves at every end of the scale – the cheaper basic packages as well as the more expensive and modern convection/microwave combos. Make sure you consider your budget before picking out your favourite microwave.

6. How much maintenance is required?

A good microwave should come with a good warranty as well as requiring little to no maintenance. Some microwave ovens require more cleaning than other so make sure you consider your time constraints before buying.