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Are you looking to buy microwaves online? Are you not sure which brand or style would suit your needs the most? At Buy Microwaves we have all the information, prices and product descriptions that you need to establish which microwave will be the best for you and your family.

Why Buy A Microwave?

Microwave Oven in kitchen
Microwave Ovens have become an integral part of any household kitchen
Microwaves have been around since 1947 and since that time they have become an integral part of any household kitchen or restaurant.

Microwave ovens are a cheap way to cook your food. They use less power than ovens and stove tops and do not cost a fortune to buy.

Using a microwave saves time as it allows you to “set and forget” your meal by simply placing the food in the oven and leaving it until you hear the “finished” beep. This is in stark contrast to stove tops where the food needs to be constantly stirred, supervised and so on.

Microwaves also have the advantage of being easy to use. Many people struggle to cook food the correct way using stove tops and ovens that are easy to misjudge.

Can you buy Microwaves Online?

Yes you can. Microwaves, along with a wide range of other electrical appliances, can be bought online and often cheaper than in a bricks-and-mortar store. Below we have listed a few Australian online retailers that sell a wide range of microwaves at competitive prices:

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Types of Microwaves

As technology progresses and the demand for multi-purpose appliances grows the microwave has spawned many different types and styles. These features are now quite sophisticated and the humble microwave now does so much more than just heat and reheat food.

  • Standard Microwaves
  • Convection Microwaves
  • Combinations Microwaves

Standard Microwave

Microwaves are a common kitchen appliance
The standard microwave is the traditional microwave that has the basic heating and cooking function only. The standard microwave comes in many different colours and styles and a wide variety of digital and non-digital display systems.

Most brands offer simple touch pad style buttons with very easy to follow functions such as setting power levels, controlling timers and so on. Many standard microwaves now also offer weighing technology so as to take some guess work out of cooking food.

Convection Microwaves

Convection Microwave
Convection microwaves combine a standard microwave with a convection oven
Convection microwaves are an efficient combination of a standard microwave oven and a convection oven.

Convection microwaves take the best elements of both appliances and mix them into one extremely handy appliance. Convection microwaves allow for food to be cooked quickly (as in a microwave) but come out crisp, brown and non-soggy (as in a convection oven).

These microwaves also have the advantage of usually being able to place metal bowls or coverings inside the appliance – a handy safety feature for families with younger children.

Convection microwave ovens are a little more difficult to operate but offer far better features than the standard version. These microwaves allow you to cook meals in many different ways by using heat and air technology as opposed to just heat. This gives the cook more control and many more options.

Combination Microwaves

Combination microwaves are becoming more and more popular as people look for space-saving alternatives as families become bigger and living areas become smaller. Combination microwaves are an excellent idea for people on a budget as you can get several appliances (in some cases) in one easy to operate appliance.

The most common combination microwave is that which has a regular oven attached to the bottom. These come in many different styles. For example, some have drop down doors with a slide out tray while others boast one “do it all” control panel that operates both machines.

The next combination microwave is that which includes a grill. This is perhaps a less expensive way to imitate a convection microwave style of cooking as it allows you to heat up your food using the microwave feature and then grill it to get a crispy and browned finish. However, this principle goes one step further – many brands now offering a convection microwave oven with a built in griller to perfectly bake or grill every meal. This type of microwave produced much better food as it is heated correctly and often grilled on both the top and bottom.

Finally there is the combination microwave that has a built in pizza stone or pizza griller on the bottom. This is the premium way to produce crusty pizza bases without paying a fortune for a traditional pizza wood oven.

Buying Microwaves Online

There are a few factors to consider when buying a microwave online, such as the style and look of the microwave (will it suit your kitchen?), the size and shape (will it fit where you want it to go?) and what type of microwave you need. There are a few different types of microwaves for you to choose from. Each type of microwave is suited to particular uses and cooking requirements so it is essential that you know what you want from your microwave oven before you start shopping.

By shopping online for microwaves you can save a lot of money, time and effort. There is no need for you to go from shop to shop comparing different brands and models; they are all right here for your convenience at Buy Microwaves.